Constant Crisis News & Opinion Podcast #1

Well, here it is. The very first edition of Constant Crisis News & Opinion, a podcast hosted by Hamilton Holloway and Chuck Hansen (one of whom is referring to himself in the third person in this post).

Ham and Chuck want Constant Crisis News & Opinion to be a humorous weekly look at a world that has totally lost its mind. We want to help listeners keep their sanity and balance by poking fun at the ridiculous and irrational expectations that our increasingly crazy society tries to dump on us. We also want to provide regular, insightful, positive and funny interviews with motivational experts, health professionals, self-help gurus and even comedians that will offer listeners solid strategies for sanity in our nutty times.

The first sentences in The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck read: “Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it.”

I think that is true (not to be redundant), but Ham and Chuck (there one of us goes again) also think that “Life is funny. And fun. This also is a great truth, also one of the greatest truths. Once we truly see this truth, truth #1 (that life is difficult) becomes less so.”

We want to make life a little funnier, a little more fun, and a little less difficult. We also want to try to bring some balance and perspective to life for our listeners. The world has gone nuts. We want to provide some strategies for sanity amidst it all. We (Ham and Chuck) hope you enjoy it, and we hope you will come back every week.


– You Know Who

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3 thoughts on “Constant Crisis News & Opinion Podcast #1

  1. This show should go on the road. Like the middle of the road. In traffic. Immediately.

    Ok, I’m kidding. Totally hilarious.

    And yes, I’m just listening to the first one because I’m behind by at least 6 weeks.

    • Don’t worry Michelle! They get better! Although we have figured out there are technical mistakes in at least two of the episodes. See if you can find them!

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