Constant Crisis News & Opinion – Episode #2

Yo everyone! This week, Hamilton Holloway and Chuck Hansen talk about:

See that fence? See the other side of it? That's where the people are supposed to be...

  • The Constitutional implications of a man and his monkey getting pulled over for DUI (all preceding words are used in their most strict, literal meaning)
  • A woman who was surprise ambushed by a cheetah while inside the cheetah’s enclosure posing for a picture with the huge, wild predator (see right)
  • A new “Ugly Meter” app for smart phones that will do the work of ten middle-school mean girls in half the time
  • The risks of trying to pass real $50 bills in stores
  • And the risks of going to a dentist three days after having broken said dentist’s heart.

After all that excitement Ham & Chuck chat about appearances, expectations, and the lessons that we can learn from those we might think of as “disabled.”

Lots of fun stuff. Hope you enjoy it. And tell your friends!

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Ham & Chuck.