Episode 6 – Lawyers and Sodas and Bears, oh my!

Ham & Chuck discuss black bears & breastfeeding, reverse-logic lawsuits, breaking & entering & cleaning, Mayor Michael “Soda Jerk” Bloomberg, and your letters! Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 6 – Lawyers and Sodas and Bears, oh my!

  1. Ham, It’s great to hear your voice after all these years…..even better to know you still have the great sense of humour we all had growing up! ( I think we can label ourselves as, sick”sth” sensers!) Keep up the great work, let me know how to spread the word (beyond the obvious) and can’t wait til the next episode!
    Your once good old friend, who always has a place in my heart where our childhood memories rocked hard and nothing could touch us! I can’t remember anything bad when we were pounding those drums for GB!
    Your friend always,
    Frank Tansky

  2. Just for the record, if somebody wants to break into my house to clean it, they have my permission. I’ll even leave the door unlocked. Great episode, guys!

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