Episode 12 – Who do you trust?


In Episode 12, “Who do you trust?”, Ham & Chuck talk politics, news, confidants and cynics. Sounds a little dry, actually, but in the the process we cover animals in office, the threat of deadly force against people or spiders or possibly both (and did we mention the kid hiding in the closet?), vacations versus a horrible premature death, NBC News and their groundbreaking coverage of what we already knew, one of the greatest fictional works of all time (on Facebook) and Krispy Kreme donuts. Not so dry now, is it?

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Pay up or the spider gets it! (Photo by Dave Dyet, www.dyet.com)

News Stories:

Segment 1: Anicrimolitics:

Segment 2: Who do you trust?

Shout out: Happy 75th birthday to Krispy Kreme donuts! – Lauren Torrisi, ABC News

Mentions, honorable and otherwise…:

  • Mayor Stubbs
  • Hank for Senate
  • George Allen
  • Tim Kaine
  • Dean Obeidallah
  • Jim Rossen
  • J.S. Dirr
  • Emily Dirr
  • http://mwopblog.com/
  • Jennifer McKinney
  • http://mycharmingkids.net
  • Arlen Specter
  • Harlan Spector
  • Krispy Kreme