Episode 17: Nobody move or the drunk showering woman / gator baiter / fluffy bunny / anti-Semitic politician / pirate gets it!!

ShareHam & Chuck examine the physics of drunken showering, the legality of feeding alligators parts of your own body, the ethics of a town taking a little girl’s pet bunny hostage, the morals of anti-semitic politicians and their parties, and the corporatization of the mom & pop pirate industry. Plus our take on the Olympics. Ain’t that enough??

"Do what we say or the bunny gets it!!" - photo credit: Change.org

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News stories:

Mentions, honorable and otherwise:

  • North Haven, Conn. First Selectman Michael Freda
  • North Haven, Conn. Zoning Enforcement Officer Arthur Hausman
  • Josh Lidsky, father of the owner of the 3-year-old Flemish giant rabbit
  • Sandy, the 3-year-old Flemish giant rabbit
  • David Weathers, nuisance-alligator trapper and owner of several alligators
  • Derek S.T. Baldwin, director of worldwide operations for IBIS International
  • Jamal Faahiye Culusow, the General Commander of Jamal’s Pirate Action Group (J.P.A.G.)
  • Csanad Szegedi, former rising star in Hungary’s far-right Jobbik Party and current Jew (the two are related)
  • Ben Berkowitz
  • Pablo Gorondi