Chicken Large, Venus and Mars and Economics, and Culpeper Strikes Back


photo credit Michael Khozyaikin

Ham & Chuck investigate the mysterious cases of one-foot chicken particle board pieces falling from the sky, the real laugher curve relating to male and female economists, and the righteous indignation of Culpeper, Virginia.

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Falling chicken parts probed in Virginia!  as reported by the Associated Press in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

Chicken parts fall from sky, hit teen in Accomack Co., reported by Lauren King in the Virginian-Pilot

He said, she said: Economists views differ by gender, written by Dennis Cauchon on

Same OLD story, the Pleasure of Life column written by fiction writer Chuck Hansen in the Chesterfield Observer

Arrest Watch feature in Chesterfield Observer, curiously lacking any mention of a Charles Hansen

Google Map clearly showing the different locations of Culpeper, Va. and Cumberland, Va., but in no way showing speed limits in either location

Mentions, honorable and otherwise, include:

  • chickens
  • Accomac
  • The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
  • William Hayden (DEQ spokesman)
  • Bryan D. Watts (director of the Center for Conservation Biology at the College of William and Mary)
  • the Eastern Shore
  • Milton Johnston (of DEQ’s Tidewater office)
  • Tyson Foods Inc.
  • Jennifer Cording
  • Queen Hive Farm
  • Assawoman
  • Ann Mari May (University of Nebraska economist)
  • Economist Dean Baker (co-founder of the Center for Economic Policy and Research)
  • Chesterfield Observer
  • Culpeper
  •  Janet Napolitano
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • the Associated Press
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch
  • Lauren King
  • The Virginian-Pilot
  • Dennis Cauchon