Episode 26 – The Gouda, the Bod and the Obvious (reposted)


illustration by Marko Malca



Trying again…

In Episode 26, Ham and Chuck discuss a study that claims fathers actually have some value as a parent, expose a school district that punishes students for being flashed by a teacher, and do a hard-hitting investigative report on the cross-border smuggling of… cheese.

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Note: Yesterday our podcast hosting service Blubrry had technical issues that prevented anyone from downloading the podcast. However, we told Blubrry that this week we had both a cheese-smuggling crisis story AND a story about a teacher flashing her nine-year-old students, and Blubrry promptly redoubled their efforts and fixed the problem. Thank you for your patience!


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  1. I really enjoyed listening to this segment. I was laughing along as this stories were being told on parenting, students being suspended and the cheese crisis on Canadian Border.The medicaid funding of waiver’s got my attention with how our government is spending our tax dollars. I am glad I clicked on this segment.

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