Episode 28 – Chimps, Chumps and Chomping Your Nails

photo credit: Darren Deans


Like monkeys on typewriters, Ham & Chuck bang out the Great American Podcast (well, the Pretty Good American Podcast), exploring what chimps really want to tell us, what the heck could snatch a shark out of the ocean and fly away, the similarities and differences between samurai swords and blind canes, how the best legal defense is an offensive offense, and whether those bones sticking out of the ends of your fingers are an issue.

Chuck’s cousins on Staten Island say that public and private relief agencies have been scarce since the hurricane. If you’d like to donate to a group that directly helps those affected by Sandy, please consider the Stephen Siller Foundation: http://tunneltotowersrun.org/. For more info on this wonderful group, check out their web site.

To donate to the American Red Cross to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy, go to: http://www.redcross.org/charitable-donations

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