Episode 31 – GONE WILD: Shoppers, Po-Po, Turkeys and Generals!! Plus Special Guest Doug Moran


In episode 31, Ham & Chuck pick over a bounty of stories, including a review of Black Friday atrocities, wild turkey gangs terrorizing tiny town, Army generals getting a little too much attention (get it?), and an update on our recent story about the Piedmont pee-pee po-po hubbub. Plus special guest Doug Moran, leadership consultant and author of If You Will Lead.

Turkeys Gone Wild! – Photo credit: Yousif Waleed

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Guest: Doug Moran – Bestselling and award-winning author, Doug Moran has more than twenty-five years of leadership experience working in a variety of industries. Doug’s leadership consultancy, If You Will Lead LLC (ifyouwilllead.com), focuses on leadership development, executive coaching, organization excellence, and infrastructure strategy. His combination of corporate, government, and volunteer leadership experience gives him a unique perspective on leadership challenges in all of these different fields.

Doug also is author of If You Will Lead: Enduring Wisdom for 21st-Century Leaders – Doug has taken Rudyard Kipling’s classic poem “If–” and created a leadership framework out of it that comprises sixteen eternal and essential leadership attributes. He draws on noteworthy historical events to illustrate how great leaders like Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, and others applied these leadership attributes to achieve extraordinary results. It’s a great book!!


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