The Apple Maps App doesn’t fall far from the edge of the Earth


In episode 34, Ham and Chuck look at nothing… that is, police continue to Tase people for… uh… doing nothing illegal, television stations fire weatherwomen for… uh… doing nothing that is against the rules, and Apple finally admits their Maps app does… uh… nothing but put people in life-threatening situations. On this sad weekend, we also reflect on the horrible events on Friday in Newtown, Connecticut and the issue of mental illness. 

If you have a choice between the Apple Maps App and this map… pick this one. Photo credit: Zumberto

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Mentions, Honorable and Otherwise:

  • Taser
  • NEWTON, Mass.
  • Nashua, New Hampshire
  • WCVB – News Center 5 – The Boston Channel
  • Liam Martin
  • Nashua Police Capt. Bruce Hansen (no relation) (you know what we mean)
  • Apple
  • iPhone
  • Clutch Magazine –
  • Rhonda A. Lee
  • Shreveport, La.
  • Facebook
  • Al Roker
  • Apple Maps
  • Nick Thompson, CNN
  • Mildura, Australia
  • The Outback (not that one, mate)
  • Murray-Sunset National Park
  • iPhone 5
  • Google Maps
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook
  • Compost
  • The Washington Post
  • Alexandra Petri
  • Virtual Reality
  • The U.S. Olympic team
  • Friends 4 Recovery –
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