Episode 62: Short-Cuts Don’t Cut It Sometimes


In episode 62 of the Constant Crisis News & Opinion self-help and humor podcast, Ham & Chuck marvel at our modern world’s wonders: drive-thru mourning, pot-bellied pigs (literally) and North Korea’s latest demonstration of its technical prowess. Plus a hopeful look at one of the most painful issues anyone could ever face – suicide – and new tests that may enable doctors to help those most in need.

Dude... think about it... we might just be animals on some higher-level being's farm... Wow... OK, that's probably the pot talking... (photo credit: Griszka Niewiadomski)

Dude… think about it… we might just be animals on some higher-level being’s farm… Wow… OK, that’s probably the pot talking… (photo credit: Griszka Niewiadomski)

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