In episode 65 of the Constant Crisis News & Opinion self-help and humor podcast, Ham & Chuck review Florida columnist Jeff Klinkenberg plea that, contrary to common perception and overwhelming evidence, his state of Florida is “not weird.” Our verdict: Florida is Not Weird, by Reason of Insanity.

"See that sign? What's it say?" "No swimming." "What's it mean??" "No swimming?" (photo credit: Céline Mackowiak)

“See that sign? What’s it say?”
“No swimming.”
“What’s it mean??”
“No swimming?”
(photo credit: Céline Mackowiak)

Ham & Chuck also announce that episode 65 is the SEASON FINALE of the Constant Crisis News & Opinion podcast, and Chuck asks why we are doing 65-episode seasons, anyway.

We are going to take a hiatus from the podcast, but we encourage all of our listeners to stay connected with us. We will continue to poke fun at a world gone nuts via our CCN&O Twitter feed
(@constcrisisnews or just look up Constant Crisis News on Twitter) and through our Facebook page (facebook.com/constantcrisisnews). So please stay in touch, and keep sending us those articles and observations so we can all keep our hold on balance and perspective despite the ridiculous expectations dumped on us by our incrazingly society.

We also want to thank everyone for listening lo these many weeks, and encourage you to go back and listen to the archive when you need a laugh. There’s some pretty good stuff back there, particularly if you aren’t too picky about production value.



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