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Hamilton Holloway and Chuck Hansen are humorists, speakers, friends and founders of the Constant Crisis New & Opinion podcast.

Constant Crisis News & Opinion is a weekly self-help and humor podcast that takes a look at a world that has totally lost its mind. We want to help listeners keep their sanity and balance by poking fun at the ridiculous and irrational expectations that our increasingly crazy society tries to dump on us, and hopefully giving you something to think about and use to create a happier, saner life.

They both live in the Richmond, Virginia area (although Chuck lives south of the river, which might as well be south of the Gulf of Mexico for some people around here, seeing as how rarely they venture down to… wait, have I gone off-topic?).

Here is more info about Ham & Chuck (the people, not the meat-counter products).

Hamilton Holloway Hamilton is a communications expert, coffee roaster and non-profit board addict — a trifecta of talents that keep him busy yet barely support his monkey-boxing betting habits. A former journalist and humor columnist, Hamilton spent many years in agency and corporate public relations. 

Today he continues to consult with a number of companies and non-profits on both proactive and reactive communications needs. As president of the Board of Directors for Hanover Arc, Hamilton advocates for children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to ensure they have opportunities for a life like yours.  On the Hanover Community Services Board, he helps oversee a system of community-based care for people with mental illness, intellectual disabilities or substance abuse concerns. He also serves as a spiritual leader on the vestry of his church.

Hamilton also roasts fairly-traded, sustainably-grown coffees a few days a week to ensure a consistently high dose of caffeine intake, and dabs a little elbow grease on foreclosed homes to get them back on the market. He also is a highly-sought exotic dancer, and has cornered the market on nursing homes and schools for the blind. Hamilton and Debra have two daughters, Lauren (14) and Mary Grace (12), and live in a fortified bunker in Beaverdam, Va.

Chuck Hansen Chuck is an award-winning humor columnist for the Chesterfield Observer, author and motivational speaker who provides organizations and their people with strategies for sanity in this world gone nuts to help them maintain the balance, perspective & enthusiasm they need to succeed. Chuck has penned frequent humor pieces for publications such as Home Style, WorkMagazine, Richmond Magazine, Richmond Bride, Welcome Inc., and others. His writing ties into his motivational speaking where he tells funny stories of life adventures and shares insights into rediscovering pleasure in life and finding success in work. Chuck also is the author of two books:

Chuck’s early “professional” career resembled a slow-motion video loop of single-car crashes as he plowed through many unique jobs and adventures after college. Ultimately Chuck found his direction while working as a potentially catastrophically under-qualified crew member on a 53-foot sailboat crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Following the trip, he earned a masters degree in communications and professional accreditation and set a new course in his career.

Less Conventional Work Experience

In his younger days, Chuck held and learned from a wide variety of… unusual… jobs, including bouncer in a Caribbean saloon, blackjack dealer, private detective, stand-up comic, copier salesman, donut maker, cigarette factory tour guide, daycare teacher, waiter (for 2 hours), and many others.

Extensive Business Work Experience

After finding his direction, Chuck went on to serve in and learn from a number of roles, including: press secretary for a member of Congress, speechwriter for a Virginia governor, communications director for a Virginia Secretary of Transportation, director of Virginia’s Adopt-a-Highway program, and executive speechwriter and communications professional with three Fortune 500 companies. Chuck and Stacy Hansen have two children, Daniel (17) and Madison (15), and live in Midlothian, Va.

To contact Chuck:

  • Phone: 804-240-7743
  • Email: info@constantcrisisnews.com; or,
  • Email: chuck@chuckhansen.com
  • Web site: www.chuckhansen.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/chuckspeaker
  • Twitter: @TheChuckHansen
  • YouTube: www.youtube.com/chuckhansen1
  • Seriously, that has to be enough ways.



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